Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting in Kuwait is a disappointing, heartbreaking process. All I need is a simple studio apartment… nothing fancy, something cheap. Staying with my folks (uncle and aunt and cousins) is super fun. But, I just feel it’s time I have a little nest of my own. I am way too old by western or Indian standards to be staying with parents or relatives anyway. 😀

Service Apartments are available but then they are super expensive, even for a studio that is a little larger than the bathroom back home in India 🙂

I managed to find an unfurnished apartment in Salmiya… paid the harris (watchman-caretaker) an advance of KWD 50, and submitted my Civil ID copy for it. The previous tenant was in the process of moving out the day I confirmed with the harris. The contract was to be signed the next day (today). Disaster strikes… the tenant refuses to vacate at the last minute. Wonder what got into him mid-shifting! Anyway, I am back to square one… no apartment.

My only choices right now are way too expensive.

Upset. Irritated. Frustrated.

2 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting

  1. ‘Expensive’ is a relative term. Do the math, and I am sure you will be able to find one that ticks all the boxes. Perhaps you probably have found one by now. All the best.

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