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Panoramic View @ Atlantis Presidential Suite
Panoramic View from the Presidential Suite, Atlantis, Dubai


There are times when you really need a break and a vacation is out of the question. Lot of stuff to finish up and things aren’t really going your way, and then you have to make a trip for more work. How can this situation be turned on its head?

Well, for one… you need a great friend who always has your best interests in mind. Thanks to this awesome friend, what would have been a boring business trip became a luxury break for me.

I got to stay in the Signature Presidential Suite at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai and what a stay it was.

The hotel is gorgeous… a miniature city in itself. The whole underwater/ocean theme is beautifully incorporated in every detail of the hotel…. the lights, the carpets and rugs, the artwork, the architecture… everything.

My suite had a personal butler. Ranjith, a Sri Lankan, a very courteous guy, always ready to help out. We discussed cricket for a bit. Considering I was in the suite for just one night I didn’t really need anything extra. The suite had everything and more. There was champagne awaiting my arrival and boxes of Patchi chocolates. Then there were little shell-shaped bowls of mixed nuts, crisps, mints and more chocolates kept all over the room.

The suite had a connecting guest room with its own bathroom and balcony. My suite was palatial enough and bigger than I needed, so Ranjith had locked the connecting rooms. The suite even came with its own cabana by the poolside which I really didn’t have time to checkout. 😦

I could not use the complimentary Aquaventure, and Dolphin Bay passes either because of work and too short a stay. Missed the massage at Shuiqi Spa for the same reason.

After work, I did manage to make it to the Lost Chambers Aquarium. It is good that I did not miss it… ‘coz I got to see Atlanteans (or at least, their armour) there.  The aquarium transports you to an alien underwater world… and it has to be experienced to be believed. I was focussed on the props, the set pieces and the mechanisms they had in place more than on the aquatic life.

My friend had a bit of watch shopping to do and I tagged along. He wanted the Rolex BLNR (Batman) but it was sold out; I refused to let him buy the Rolex Pepsi because it looked clownish, finally, he bought himself an IWC Portofino… good looking watch. I totally approve.

Back in my room, I’d ordered Bailey’s Irish Cream with lunch and then again for dinner. And then there was the Veuve Clicquot (Yellow Label) Champagne that awaited me. Err… I couldn’t have taken any of it back to Kuwait and I didn’t want to waste any of it. Bad idea!!! 😦 I was fine with the Bailey’s but by the time I got done with the bottle of champagne, I was totally not sober 😉 …and I spent half the night puking my guts out.

I was afraid I would have a monster hangover in the morning, but I guess there wasn’t any alcohol in my system left after the complete purging my tummy got in the night.

I was a little sad leaving the suite… but I had a flight to catch. It wasn’t a complete dampener because it was the first time I would be travelling in the A380. My travelling is mostly between India & Kuwait and Jet Airways business class is the only choice I have. So, I was excited about the business class on an Emirates A380 even though the trip would just be an hour long.

All I would say is that the weekend was well spent. I enjoyed it and it did cheer me up as was intended. 🙂

Here are the pictures of the suite… Which I clicked for my folks.


Look at the attention to detail in the rooms…

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