The ABCs Of Death: Review


The ABCs Of Death is an anthology of 26 shorts (short movies) each dedicated to one letter of the English alphabet. The movies themselves are not all in English. Each movie is by a different director; the directors spanning 15 countries and their stories as varied… with the idea that the unifying thread would be death.

Wikipedia describes the movie as an anthology horror comedy. If it is comic in any way then it is a weird sense of humour that the movie appeals to and which I do not fully comprehend. A lot of the shorts were gross in more ways than one. Some just grossed me out with the gore and some by the very content / topic.

The shorts in the movie ranged from the lazily directed non-story to some elaborate, hard-hitting, social commentary. Here is a list of the shorts with their directors and my opinion of them:

** There aren’t any real spoilers in there… but… SPOILER ALERT, just in case! **

A is for Apocalypse Nacho Vigalondo Interesting. Leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination.
B is for Bigfoot Adrian Garcia Bogliano Not a bad story to scare kids with.
C is for Cycle Ernesto Diaz Espinoza I liked the idea, but the short was too short for me to want to analyze it.
D is for Dogfight Marcel Sarmiento Beautifully shot in slow motion, a little hardcore but worth the screen time it took.
E is for Exterminate Angela Bettis Typical urban legend stuff, but with an additional, somewhat unexpected PoV, literally.
F is for Fart Noboru Iguchi Stupid, gross effort at comedy, Japanese style.
G is for Gravity Andrew Traucki Felt like a YouTube video… uninteresting.
H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion Thomas Malling Comical in a weird way, quite British.
I is for Ingrown Jorge Michel Grau This movie has a background narration which only confuses the viewer because it is so detached from the scene depicted.
J is for Jidai-geki (Samurai Movie)  Yûdai Yamaguchi I seem to not get the Japanese sense of humour. At all.
K is for Klutz Anders Morgenthaler Toilet humour… something I do not appreciate. This was comical in a slightly gross way.
L is for Libido Timo Tjahjanto Extreme BDSM gone wrong. Nerve wracking & quite painful to watch. Japanese again.
M is for Miscarriage Ti West The laziest short in the anthology. It’s like Ti West did not think the movie was worth his time / efforts.
N is for Nuptials Banjong Pisanthanakun A simple story with the sort of twist you see coming from a mile away.
O is for Orgasm Bruno Forzani & Héléne Cattet A non-story, but visually captivating. I found it beautiful, like dark poetry. Extremely sensual an experience.
P is for Pressure Simon Rumley This short could have been better… much better than the lackluster effort it is subjected to.
Q is for Quack Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett This actually was funny. But the end was expected.
R is for Removed Srdjan Spasojevic My favourite of the lot. A chilling prospect. I wouldn’t mind a feature length movie on the concept even thought it is extremely gory.
S is for Speed Jake West Meh! Uninspired.
T is for Toilet Lee Hardcastle Clay animation. Toilet humour meets toilet horror… a wee bit unsettling.
U is for Unearthed Ben Wheatley A vampire’s PoV… interesting for the way it’s shot.
V is for Vagitus (The Cry of a Newborn Baby) Kaare Andrews A look into a dystopian world, an interesting story.
W is for WTF! Jon Schnepp What the F**k!! Yes… another lazy lack of effort.
X is for XXL Jason Eisener This was my second favourite of the lot. A sort of social commentary on the way society perceives women and what it can do to someone who does not fit that perception of perfection.
Z is for Zetsumetsu (Extinction) Yoshihiro Nishimura The director must have been high on something illegal and downright horny when he made this. It is kinky and gross and makes absolutely no effing sense in spite of its claim to be satirical.

I would not want to rate this movie. It perhaps is worth a watch simply because it has something for everyone and what I might consider gross and humourless may not be so in the eyes of some of you.

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