The Khaleesi

Now, I am a big fan of ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ saga by George R. R. Martin and the HBO series based on his books – Game of Thrones.
As I was thinking of something to paint on my iPad with my new Bamboo solo stylus, I came across a still of Daenerys Targaryen (portrayed onscreen by Emilia Clarke) and this side profile seemed just perfect to paint. I know that this particular still and many similar side profiles of the character have been painted by lots of people, so it isn’t an unique image. I didn’t want to paint a full face or a full length portrait as it was my first time painting a portrait on the iPad and getting accustomed with the stylus was important before I started something too detailed.
After about 2 hours of sweating it out with the Procreate app on the iPad, I believe I came up with a decent enough portrait of the dragon babe! 😀

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