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Talaash – Movie Poster

Writing a review about a movie that is a suspense thriller is like treading a mine-field… one has to be extra careful to not let out anything that might ruin the suspense for others.

In any case, here is my opinion about the latest Aamir Khanproduction – Talaash.

Talaash is a suspense thriller that sets the tone right from the opening sequence and slowly builds the suspense up frame by frame. Slowly… really slowly we move forward in the story of a police officer who works day and night to solve the case of a suspicious death all the while battling a few demons of his own.

I am not gonna dwell much in to the story or plot-line because it would be a giveaway.

The movie is not bad… nor is the story. Did I mention the movie was slow? Yeah… that is where the threads start to unravel. A suspense thriller should take up a faster pace or risk having half the audience deduce the climax and the other half of the audience guess it long before the movie actually reveals it. With the length, we in the audience had enough time to analyse and evaluate all the main characters of the movie and dissect situations in it which led to us arriving at the outcome before the movie intended a revelation. Also, the almost 20 minutes’ interval in the movie (which might be the movie-hall’s fault) did not help.

Aamir is his usual good performing self… no issues with his police inspector fighting personal issues act. Rani Mukherjee as Aamir’s wife is good. Kareena Kapoor is onscreen torture… considering it is the second time she is playing a hooker in a movie, one would expect a decent performance. Her Chameliwasn’t bad… but her Rosie is extremely artificial and grates on your nerves. The supporting actresses playing other hookers do a much more believable job.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui is excellent. He seems to get better with every movie he does and that sure is a great sign.

The casting of the movie seems to include big Bollywood names just to keep the public from figuring out the story by just eliminating the less famous actors… since some of them are wasted in the movie.

The music of the movie is something I enjoyed… there are no unnecessary item numbers and songs that disrupt the already slow pace.

Overall the movie is worth a watch. And considering the alternatives are stuff like Son of Sardar and Jab Tak Hain Jaan… Talaash is anytime a better option… and definitely one of the better movies of the year.

I would rate it a 3.5 / 5. Do sit back in your chair and relax… nothing edge of the seat here.

4 thoughts on “Talaash – Review

  1. Talaash is definitely not one of Aamir's better efforts, by I definitely rate it better than Ghajini which according to me is the worst Aamir Khan movie in recent times.

    No comments about Dabaang and Chulbul Pandey!

  2. I didn't like this movie, Amir is really a big start and expected a lot more from him, but unfortunately i am disappointed with his act in Talash. He has produced some really good ones like Ghajini but the current super star is Mr. chulbul pandey. 🙂

  3. the moment aamir khan gets associated with a movie,a certain level of expectation remains attached to it. talaash, however, fails to carry forward the legacy of taare zameen par and three idiots respectively. the suspense that is revealed in the end is far from acceptable. it flouts all the scientific temper. no doubt, the songs are really very good and technically also the movie stands out. the actors have also done a commendable job. however, the story by itself fails to leave an impression as one walks out of the theatre. the wait that is established at the beginning fails to get fulfilled. it does not match the level of publicity. it is a let down as far as a aamir khan movie is concerned.

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