Soon To Come…

Working on a review of the phablet Galaxy Note II from Samsung…

I wouldn’t go into the technical details… not too much… I promise! It would be more on the lines of my experience with it… as someone who loves to hold the pen in hand and write as opposed to typing or tapping on a keyboard. In this age when everything is digital, it is nice to have one of my issues with the tech-world addressed with the nifty S-pen. More on that later… for now I will leave you with this pic… 😀

Guess which one is the Note 2…


Those are all my phones… except the iPhone 3GS… I just couldn’t find it. Can you recognize them all?

Here’s my first little cutie of a phone…

The adorable Siemens A36 with all the right curves!

And this here was my first phone with a color display…

The Nokia 3100 – All aglow at night

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