My Dreamphone!

I wish I had a phone…

With Nokia’s Lumia inspired design, Samsung Galaxy Note 2’smind-blowing SuperAMOLED HD+ screen backed with Nokia’s PureMotion HD+technology. 
An OS with the iOS’ssimplicity and Android’s customization abilities, fortified by Google power and the smartness of WP7/8… with the Blackberry’s security and much loved BIS/BESfeatures. 
It should have the sound quality of old Nokia N-series phones and the camera abilities of PureView (8-12MP is enough). 
The internal hardware should be beastly as Samsung’s flagships with the hefty battery-life of Motorola’s Droid RazrMaxx
It should definitely have the brilliant Blackberry Qwerty keyboard of the either the BB Bold9900 or BB Curve9360 (make it a sexy slide-out… but matching Lumia’s gorgeousness) And of course, access to the quality of the Apple Appstore apps (not the quantity)… and the lovely collection of cool Lumia accessories. 
Oh… and the nifty S-pen.

Is that too much to ask?

Love it!

Sporty and cool

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