I need a break!

Constant headaches and occasional blackouts, general illness and all aside, I have this urge to travel. If not travel, I at least want to go to a place where there is some peace. I generally am not a fan of beaches, too much sun for my liking… but, in the past couple of weeks, that is where I have wanted to be… on a beach…  on a beach, late in the evening… sunset painting the sky with reds and purples or moonlight sparkling off the waves. Waves crashing on the shore line, seagulls calling… I want to feel the sand between my toes… want to walk right in to the ocean… as far as I can go.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Travel alone?…
    Hmmm… Would like to have company. It's always nice to have one other person with you… to share the excitement & joy, to laugh at the mishaps & funny incidents… And then some more… 🙂
    So, until I have someone to travel with I'll continue my armchair trips around the world.

  2. Travel. Good idea.
    Everyone should be able to do what they want to do.
    Perhaps you should take a week off from work and make a trip. A week might not be much, but hey – for a change.

    All the best and hope you are able to make that trip soon.

    BTW, job isn't everything. You can always get another one. Shouldn't be that hard for someone with your qualification and creativity.

    Suggestion – quit. Take whatever severance pay you are due and blow off part of it on your travel. Wouldn't hurt and the change would help cheer you up.

    Take care.

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