Notes to Self… Painting again!

I have started painting… again! I wouldn’t have thought that I would ever pick up a brush and a palette again… but here I am, once again with a drawing pad (no easel here) and a few brand new brushes, some water and acrylic colors (to start oil again… I would need some more time) and a bunch of oil pastel sticks.

Was in pain for two days after I bought my art supplies (no, art doesn’t scare me) and so couldn’t really settle down to start a full-fledged painting. But I still managed to sketch a flamenco dancer… I love to draw the female form… and she is been dancing in my head for a while now! 🙂

Now, I do need to bring her to life… let’s hope I get the time for it today. It is funny, I have loads of time actually but I am an expert at making excuses and making 24 hours seem too less.

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