Kuwait… A Shoppers’ Paradise, A Fashionista’s Dream!

Desert life is taking its toll on me… boredom has seeped in to the marrow of my bones… to the extent that I have weird thoughts of skydiving from the 19th floor of my building (hey, with proper equipment!)

I don’t believe there could be a more boring place on earth than Kuwait. How do people survive here? There is absolutely no way a person can engage any of his senses here… at least, not in the conventional way – entertainment, literature. I can’t say there is no cultural activity here… there is a beautiful Arab culture hidden somewhere in the non-existent sand dunes of Kuwait… just that I haven’t yet caught more than a tiny glimpse of it.

If you have deep, and I mean really deep pockets, you are gonna enjoy Kuwait. It is a shoppers’ paradise. There is no brand, designer or run-of-the-mill so called prêt-à-porter houses, you wouldn’t find here. From GAP to Gucci, from Promod to Prada, from Next to Nina Ricci, from Marks & Spencers to Marc Jacobs, from Debenhams to Dolce & Gabbana, Vava Voom to Versace and Valentino… you name it, you would find it here. What is difficult to find is a normally priced piece of cloth you can wrap around yourself when you just wanna feel comfortable and not like an overworked supermodel! But, Kuwaiti women are very fashion conscious, even under those all covering abayas… though a lot of them prefer to let their designer brands show. But I have to admit, it’s after I came to Kuwait that I realized that even a somewhat religious garment like the abaya can look very pretty and alluring… black silk with Swarovski crystals… coy sophistication!

4 thoughts on “Kuwait… A Shoppers’ Paradise, A Fashionista’s Dream!

  1. Kuwait was my first home after marriage.. I love the place and miss it a lot! I heard its changed a lot in these couple of years and hope that these changes really make you fall in love with the place too:)

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