Contemporary House

A contemporary, modern house designed to be self sustaining. The slanting roofs would provide excellent surfaces to install solar panels. The roof gardens help maintain coolness in the lower floor… A solarium is attached to the living room for an out-doors feel. With the idea of locating this house in Kerala (God’s Own Country) in India, the house has been provided with large window walls so that the awesome natural beauty of Kerala is always within sight.

5 thoughts on “Contemporary House

  1. Hi, love your sustainable house model. but it won't download for me. tried chrome and firefox. a little box just pops up when i try.thanks.steepanddeep[at]

  2. Hello!Lots of fans from Brazil!!! I'm one of them! I adore tour models, and I would really enjoy using the render software you use. Wich software is this?Thanks! ^^Robertson – Architecture Student from Brazil. []

  3. Hi suria!I saw your moldels in warehouse and I liked it so much!Wich solftware do you use to render it? Do you know Vray?If you can help me.. send me a email! I have many work to do in university! Larissa (Brazil)

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