A Tiny Studio Home

This is a tiny house with a mere 15′ X 15′ room which should house the living and dining spaces and the bedroom too (as shown). The kitchen and bath are separate (thank God for that!). The complete house is only 315 square feet. It belongs to a couple who has just started a family and are bound to have frequent visitors who end up staying for dinner, so clutter is inevitable. I have tried to liven up the space with paintings and lights. The couple is quite spiritual but with a modern outlook…I have used an abstract painting of Lord Ganesha (the elephant headed Hindu God) to highlight that. A professional interior designer may be able to come up with a better arrangement, but I am no pro and this is what I could come up with. I would appreciate constructive feedback.

One thought on “A Tiny Studio Home

  1. Very nice indeed. I like the way you designed the interior atmosphere by playing with light. I suggest to make your description way better, try to explain your lighting concept, or your creative implementation to make the feeling of the interior space looks spiritual yet, intimate

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